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We want to see the radiance of the world, and we want the world to see our radiance. Photographer Bryan Lopez takes the time to capture the natural beauty that we often miss as we attend to our daily lives: He allows the pure essence and beauty of life to unveil itself through the lens. Bryan reveals his subjects, literally and figuratively, in their best light. His calm and centered demeanor immediately puts people at ease. His portraits and head shots have been used on countless websites and Facebook pages for musicians, artists, parents, yoga teachers, the Colorado Judicial Branch and even other photographers.

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About Visual Voice Photography and Media Services: Visual Voice Photography and Media Services captures the feel of your event through images and words. This Denver-based company provides still photography services for special events including concerts and yoga festivals, as well as providing portraits and head shots. While your image speaks louder than words, if you want the words to go with the image, we've got them. Visual Voice creates the social media posts, blogs and articles that tell the story of your event.

About Erin Mathiason, Owner and Writer: A proficient writer of newsletters, reports, manuals, presentations and procedures from 18 years as a regulator and in regulated industry, Erin is now a freelance writer. Erin's writing credits include Denver Chant Fest, Elephant Journal, The Yogic Way, wise-living.com and her own blogs. Erin is an avid student in the evolving world of digital and social media marketing. She's taken classes in digital marketing strategy, content optimization, WordPress, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. In addition to writing content, Erin is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner.

About Bryan Lopez, Photographer: Third generation Colorado native Bryan Lopez has had a camera in hand for the last 35 years. Bryan is fortunate to spend time capturing photos almost every day, whether for clients or for his absolute love of it. Bryan’s photographs have appeared in publications including 303, 5280, Yoga International, Yoga Journal, Transit and Fitness Magazine. Bryan honors and sees the world with heart and soul and is able to reveal something unique. He appreciates the beauty and candor that unveils itself with every click of the shutter.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Mendoza

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